Kitt Philippa – Fahrenheit

Det var i våras som den brittiske musikern Kitt Philippa släppte EP:n You. Nu är producenten aktuell med singeln Fahrenheit som senare kommer utmynna i debutalbumet Human. Här får vi avskalad och vacker indie-elektro för fans av bland annat James Blake och Jamie Woon.

Om låten berättar Kitt:

“There’s a heaviness in the lyrics, and an intensity to their delivery. The cross-section of the track probably reveals difficulty interacting with self and others, at times. Looking at thermometers to understand how something feels is relatively simple; I interchanged the language to maybe try to view things in an easier way.

It is a busy track with a lot of layers and intersections. I very much see all the individual parts like components of a greater structure – they have their own characters – but how they work together interested me.”

Så ta dig in i Kitts ljudlandskap och njut av låten här nedan.

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