Satellite Stories – Cut out the lights (Video)

Det var ett tag sedan vi tog oss till Finland nu. Men nu är det dags att säga farväl till indie-popparna i Satellite Stories. De släpper nu sitt femte och sista album med Cut Out The Lights. Från det kan vi här höra just titelspåret (eller för all del så kan du lyssna på hela albumet här nedan också). 
Om låten berättar sångaren Esa Mankinen.

“We feel this song captures a bit of the drama we have all gone through. A story about a relationship where you don’t feel a thing but you pretend you do and just go on. It’s a battle between keeping the ship balanced and being an untruthful person, a weak mind that can not give up or be brave enough to say it is over.”

Esa fortsätter om själva avslutet:

“10 years, 5 albums, countless memories with many wonderful people met along the way, long days on the road, amazing city after amazing city. The time has come for us to enter the final chapter of Satellite Stories. Everything is great within the group, no fallout, we are closer than ever. However, the strains of the music industry are starting to take their toll on our bodies and minds so with our health still in our hands we want to go out with a bang.”

Satellite Stories

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