Kita Menari – Feel it all

Kita Menari är en grupp från Nederländerna under ledning av Micha de Jonge. Han släpper här andra singeln från i år och följer med Feel it all upp Pretty sure från Januari.
Här bjuder sångaren oss på medryckande indiepop med mycket energi och dansanta beats. Influencer från artister som Passion PitMGMT och Phoenix kan allt höras i produktionen.
Sångaren berättar:

“The track refers to a longing to feel emotion after a period of nothing. You want to feel it all: the good stuff, the bad stuff, everything and anything, even if that means risking hurting in the end.
A friend of mine thought her partner was being unfaithful. Rather than addressing her fears and anxiety she kept it to herself, scared that it was true. She had these thoughts about her partner for a very long time.
Feel it all is about this specific period where she was emotionally numb. Unfortunately she would come to find her suspicions weren’t a figment of her imagination.”

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