Brandon Jack & The Artifacts – Say it in your head tonight

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För dig som älskade den brittiska klubbmusiken under 90-talet, så kommer Say it in your head tonight med Brandon Jack & The Artifacts verkligen vara ett kärt återbesök till den scenen. Med tung produktion likt The Chemical Brothers och en rockig attityd får vi här något som kan liknas vid ett stort arena-party.

Om singeln berättar Brandon Jack:

“I’ve always made what you could say is “traditional” band music – guitars, bass, drums kind of stuff. Then I started listening to some 90s garage and UK grime to break up my writing process. That style of music is so beautifully hypnotic. It’s repetitive but you tend to forget about that when you’re listening to it. There’s an art to how long things go for, when they cut in and out, and I like the confines of it like that.

I started experimenting with samples and came up with the main synth of the track, then added my usual guitar and bass elements to it and the track became a nice blend of genres.”

Så kasta dig in i låten här nedan och festa loss som om det vore 90-tal igen.

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