Notelle – Come for me

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Den Nashville-baserade sångerskan Notelle är här aktuell med singeln Come for me. En mörk och rytmisk poplåt som hämtat sin inspiration från bland annat Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack och Billie Eilish. Med en skruvad produktion som både känns lekfull och lite skrämmande, skapar sångerskan ett spännande ljudlandskap skulle jag säga.

Om singeln berättar Notelle:

“I have always found the concept of ‘shadows’ fascinating, as they’re quite literally a dark sided piece of you that is intangible, yet always present. It reminded me a lot of the remnants of an old love. They’re there still, but not really…it’s a frightening concept. It’s widely accepted, at this point, that all living things are made up of energy – and I’ve been reading more and more recently about how even after a living thing has left a space, it is possible that their residual energy can linger. You can feel it, even when you’d give anything to erase it. That’s what this song is about…that shadow that haunts you, that memory that overstays it’s welcome, that person whose presence it’s still there long after they’re gone.”

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