Patrick Martin – Both of you

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Dags att stifta bekantskap med Patrick Martin här i bloggen. Efter singlarna Stranger nights och Cinema love, som Patrick skapat tillsammans med Jesse Mason som producent, har han på nya singeln Both of you fått hjälp av Kid Harpoon som tidigare jobbat med namn som Florence + The Machine och Harry Styles. Här bjuds vi på medryckande indie-elektro om att bli bedragen av ens vänner.

“This song was born out of an experience a few of my close friends have gone through, which is walking in on your best friend and your significant other. This is the first song I’ve ever written with one of the best in the world, Kid Harpoon. I’m excited for the world to hear this song and loads more from us.”

Patrick Martin

Videon till låten är regisserad av Theo Watkins där vi får följa sångaren på en inte-så-lyckad-dag i livet.

“I love this video. Being in this industry you can sometimes take yourself too seriously, so I was really happy when the director pitched this video idea to me. The Beatles are a massive inspiration to me, and I feel like this is the kind of thing they would do.”

Patrick Martin
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