Ian Mellencamp – Come clean (Video)

Ian Mellancamp är en multikonstnären från USA som blandar sången med att även vara modell i en hel del kampanjer. Han kommer från New York och släppte sin debut-EP Visions 2015 som han sedan följde upp 2016 med Free AF.
Nu är det dag att släppa nytt efter två år och idag kom Come clean tillsammans med en video.

Om låten och videon berättar sångaren.

Come clean is about utter transparency. It’s the story of a relationship that is at a pivotal point; the couple could either self-destruct from a dramatic event or use the experience to discover more about each other and take their relationship to a higher level. It’s about exposing our weaknesses, our fuck ups, and our darkest desires to each other, despite the consequences or what others may think, in order to elevate our relationships, further unify our souls, and purify ourselves from our self-burdens. Instead of hiding things that we feel wrong for doing or thinking, we can admit everything, have conversations without judgment, and ultimately discover our true selves and share that with others. We all want to understand and to be understood. It starts with honesty with ourselves, then honesty to another, which can ultimately deepen that self understanding even further. It is essentially a collaboration with my partner and I. We really wanted the video to be a concept that worked from both sides.”

Kolla in videon här:

Ian Mellencamp

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