Den New York-baserade duon Laveda jobbar just nu mot sitt album What Happens After. Drömmande shoegaze är ju duons kännetecken som byggs upp av ett melodiskt arrangemang. Senaste singeln från albumet heter L och Jake i bandet berättar:

“We ended up recording a live demo with Dylan at Hook & Fade Studios, with a slower tempo and lower key. The main guitar riff was done using a Fuzz Factory by Zvex, to get the super compressed ripping sound, and the synth (originally a guitar part written by Ali) was played on a Prophet, later reinforced with both Ableton and Logic Keys.” 

Resultatet är en drömig indieelektrolåt som bandet ville skulle kännas som en skoldans på high school under 80-talet.

Ali berätta:

“We intended this song to be more about what it makes you feel, rather than having an actual meaning. I wanted to reflect my generation’s approach to love, one where sex is scarily available with just a few taps on your phone and it’s cooler not to give a shit then actually be vulnerable. I think most young people really do want to be loved properly. This fashionable idea that love shouldn’t be fragile or imperfect and how it’s seen as a weakness by many is extremely damaging and makes life that much more difficult to maneuver through.”

Vad tyckte du?

Grundare och chefredaktör för Popmuzik. Älskar popmusik i allmänhet och husgudarna är inga mindre än Pet Shop Boys. Tycker att en bra låt är en låt jag vill lyssna på mer än en gång.

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