Steve Ropes – Restless heart

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Då var det dags att ta oss till Italien. Där hittar vi Steve Ropes, en musiker och producent som här är aktuell med singeln Restless heart. En pampig och filmisk poplåt med stora beats och dramatisk känsla.

Om singeln berättar Steve för bloggen:

Restless heart was written during a period of my life when my insane passion for music led me to make daily sacrifices. I found myself asking the question, “Is it worth it?” The answer is always yes, despite how frustrating the experience of being an artist can be.

I believe that artists have a ‘restless heart’ because the process behind their work can be very tiring, but passion, if it is strong and true, never seems to fade away. Restless heart is the soundtrack for every time you are about to give up and surrender your dreams. Watch that tempting and comfortable road, turn back, and leave in silence.”

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