Bryar – Just me

Sångerskan Bryar från Nashville debuterade i fjol med singeln Still life som släpptes i Oktober. Nu är det dags för sångerskan att följa upp debuten med singeln Just me som du kan lyssna på här i bloggen. Låten i sig handlar om att faktiskt klara sig själv och uppskatta singellivet. Allt till ett mysigt arrangemang som överlag skapar en behaglig poplåt.

Just me är skriven av Bryar och producerad av Harry Bay Miller. Sångerskan berättar om bakgrunden om låten för bloggen:

“I started writing Just me alone in my apartment on my guitar. I had recently moved to Nashville and was living alone for the first time. It was a huge step for me to be ok with being alone. My whole life I had related being alone to rejection, and the idea used to frighten me. But in this new season of my life, having started over mostly on my own in a new city… I was forced to embrace being alone and in that time I began to discover my identity as an individual. And much to my surprise, I actually really liked myself! That realization was honestly so empowering. I finally didn’t need relationships to validate me… I was happy  all on my own; just me.  

So with all these emotions built up, I started writing the song on a whim. It was one of those songs that almost wrote itself! I brought the first half of the idea to my amazing producer Harry, and he brought the song to life. I think coming to a place where you realize you don’t need someone else to complete you, is huge. Relationships are amazing… but we often forget that the most important relationship of our lives, is learning to love ourselves.”

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