Dani Le Rose – Can’t help myself

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Can’t help myself är den senaste singeln med den Vancouver-baserade R&B-sångerskan Dani Le Rose. Sångerskan hade en stor hit med singeln Shellshock för ett år sedan och efter singeln The Maze är det nu dags att förhoppningsvis upprepa den succén med just Can’t help myself.

Om singeln berättar sångerskan för bloggen:

Can’t help myself originally started out as something I wrote by myself at home. The chorus was written about someone I had a massive crush on and it was unbearably annoying how much I wanted this person. I didn’t even know at the time how obsessed I was with this person and these lyrics just came out without thinking .“ I can’t help myself from being in love with you, s elfishly I’m falling deep in ecstasy ahhh …which we later changed to “selflessly were falling deep in ecstasy”….we thought it sounded less creepy . I really liked that melody hook ; so I showed it to my friends Julian Feifel and Shay Zaid who I was working on my EP with and they thought it was pretty dope. W e made it into a whole song. The bass line remind s me of Genuine’s Pony and when I closed my eyes listening to it all I could see was the red. This song gives me feels.”

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