Maude Latour – Lovesick

Den 20-åriga sångerskan Maude Latour släppte nyligen EP:n Starsick. Från den kan du här lyssna på låten Lovesick, en klassisk poplåt med sjukt snyggt arrangemang och melodi. På singeln sjunger sångerskan om de stora känslor som kommer med ett brustet hjärta.

Sångerskan berättar:

Lovesick makes me cry for a lot of reasons. I learned about lovesickness from a college class. We read so many texts like Sappho, or Virgil’s Aeneid where love is treated like a disease. It used to be diagnosed by doctors. The thing is, lovesickness truly is so physical and all consuming. It affects my immune system, my clarity and the way I’m operating. It’s insane how powerful heartache is, it is the stuff of life. This song is about these feelings; acknowledging their power, letting it go and being grateful for how lucky we are to feel any sort of connection between people despite how much space there is in the world. The chorus here is truly a choir. I was feeling so fed up with hooks and song structure and insisted on writing a choir of different parts overlapping to make an angelic symphony. This is Lovesick.”

Videon till låten är regisserad av Fergus Campbell och inspelad i Paris och New York med läcker Super-8-känlsa i stilen.

“Half of this video is filmed while I was visiting my then boyfriend in Paris. We spent an incredible time together, and we had a wonderful relationship. The other half of the video is filmed after we broke up, in the beginning of winter in New York City. This song is about this relationship, learning to appreciate the beauty that it was while it lasted, and learning to be okay with lovesickness. I can barely watch the video, it brings me to tears every time I see it. It’s filled with the story of this very significant time in my life.”

Maude Latour

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