Victoria Bigelow – Something/Anything

Dags att stifta bekantskap med den 25-åriga Nashville-baserade Victoria Bigelow. Hon släpper här singel Something/Anything. Låten bygger på sångerskan erfarenheter av att dejta som uppenbarligen var mediokra.
Sångerskan berättar:

“The first verse is about this terrible, elitist, guy I dated. He took me to a sushi restaurant and we went back to his house to watch High Fidelity. I was chain smoking cigarettes at the time because I was attempting sobriety and the combo was miserable at best. I ran to his upstairs bathroom and threw up, and wrote the first few lines of this song. The second verse is about a girl I dated who was obviously using me to get over her ex. We understood what it was. Seeking distraction and validation in strangers because you’re depressed. A shitty time in my life but it made for good writing material.”

Som så oftast, när livet inte går som man vill, hittar man de bästa låtarna och detta är ju lysande.

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