Felix Räuber – Running out of time

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Tyske Felix Räuber är tillbaka med en ny singel efter att tidigare släppt EP:n Wall, som du här kan höra låten Effigy från.

Nya singeln heter Running out of time och bygger vidare på hans filmiska pop-produktion som drivs av snygga beats och orkestral produktion.
Om låtren berättar Felix:

For me, Running out of time is one of my most personal songs, as it revises the story of my band Polarkreis 18 and their break up, as well as the coincidental end of my relationship at that time, a time when I had to build up everything again from scratch. That´s the reason why exactly Running out of time is the first single of my second solo EP ME. It was clear to me from the beginning that the script and the direction had to come from me to make it as personal as possible. My girlfriend plays the main role in it and I wanted to represent evolution and creation graphically and symbolically against each other to represent the big topic of that time in my life. As with all my, partly film-nominated, videos Nora Otte supported me as a co-director. But also the film company Ravir and Moritz Gruhl when it comes to visual effects had a huge impact on the video. We are very proud of the result.

Du ser videon här nedan.

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