TRACE – Side eye

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Dags att än en gång ta oss till Los Angeles där vi hittar sångerskan TRACE. Dotter till den legendariska sångerskan Carol Kim, som även kallades Vietnams Tina Turner när det begav sig. Hon underhöll de amerikanska soldaterna under Vietnamkriget med sin souliga röst och flyttade sedan till USA 1975. 

Med singeln Side eye bjuder TRACE oss på en soft och söt singel som levererar en bitter eftersmak. Låten berättar nämligen om sångerskan allt för komplicerade relation till män, som grundar sig i hennes relation med sin far. 

This song is the introduction to publicly admitting I have a disapproving view of men–due to the relationship I had growing up with my dad. Side Eye is a glimpse into how my relationship with men has always been a cold and indifferent yet fragile one. I’ve subconsciously built a wall around myself because I cannot be bothered to be let down again. And again. Side eye is a clarity and strengthener for me and it’s me having the guts to say what’s been bothering me this whole time; that along with disappointment comes an automatic criticism. I’ve gotten comfortable in this posture and there’s definitely a sadness around it all to be so affected by the opposite sex. But it doesn’t feel as intense as my criticism can. And so I’m not here to cater to anyone but to myself these days. I’d love for my mind to change. But I’m not here to make anyone feel good.

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