SYML – Flags

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När närstående till Brian Fennel kämpade mot cancer skrev sångaren av sig i form av låten Flags, i lite av ett terapiarbete över det som hände. Resultatet är avskalat och lite drömliknande i produktionen och som sedan förstärks av SYML uttrycksfulla röst.

Sångaren berättar för bloggen:

“I struggle with things that seem supernatural but are actually very natural. Cancer is one of those natural things. Nature is undiscerning and unforgiving. Cancer is raw and shapes the landscape of our lives. The metaphors run deep but they don’t make mourning someone any less painful, especially before they leave us. I wrote ‘Flags,’ like I write many of my songs, as a form of therapy to deal with people in my life who have battled cancer. The song is from the perspective of the body experiencing cancer. We meet pain and hopelessness with community and fight, and the fight is meaningful. Cancer fucking sucks and life is beautiful.””

Du hör det vackra resultatet här nedan.

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