Astronaut – Amazing

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Vi tar oss till Danmark för att uppleva ny musik med gruppen Astronaut. Med singeln Amazing följer de upp debutalbumet Silence One som släpptes i våras. Låten är ett samarbete med producenten Claudius Mittendorfer och bjuder på behaglig och soft indiepop för våra öron.

Sångaren Martin Zeppelin i bandet berättar:

“While mixing Silence One in London, I remember playing a new song on the piano. Claudius (Mittendorfer) asked me, why it wasn’t on the album. At that time it wasn’t finished, the lyrics just weren’t there yet. “It’s amazing” he said, and that line kind of stuck with me. Later on, the song got a more serious twist, when I realized the lyrics were about an old friend, who left withoutsaying goodbye. We felt that the song was different from the ones on “Silence One”, but once it was finished, we knew, that this would be our next release.“

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