Cyrus Reynolds + S. Carey – Foraker

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Singeln Foraker med Cyrus Reynolds och S. Carey från Bon Iver från 2018 har här dammats av när de spelat in en liveinspelning av låten i samband med att Bon Iver spelade i Los Angeles i höstas. Även om det är inspelat live i ett vardagsrum är det väldigt likt originalet och härligt drömlikt.

Cyrus berättar:

“On a sweltering, California afternoon in September, I caught S. Carey on the middle of their Bon Iver Tour at The Forum and invited him over for tacos and we recorded a live version of our song together.
Even though it’s a folk song at it’s heart, we decided to avoid using any guitars, and instead opting for giving space to the vocal harmonies colored by glitched out Rhodes and Harp.
My wife, Lara Somogyi, who I wrote the song for, played the harp, and the vocal support was from Chamois who features on many of my songs (End of days, New ground) along with live electronic manipulations from Folial (Finder), who was able to create these swirling, organic loops out of the notes of the rhodes I was sending him.
It was a really special day and I’m really excited that we captured the essence of that moment in a completely raw way. It gives the song a whole new life when it exists in a physical space for a single moment.”

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