Gabrielle Papillon – Last deep breath

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Gabrielle Papillon från Kanada släppte i höstas albumet Shout. Från den kan du här höra den dramatiska poplåten Last deep breath som är ett samarbete med Kyan Kuatois. Snygg och filmisk produktion med rytmisk känsla. Verkligen en låt som sticker ut skulle jag säga.

Om låten berättar Gabrielle för Popmuzik:

“When I play this song live I tell the audience we are going into battle. And when I say battle, I don’t mean that we are going to pick up weapons and get aggressive. I mean we are readying for a different kind of battle. We are putting on our armour. 

Battle is wearing that outfit that makes you feel powerful, that makes you feel shiny, that makes you feel like yourself, no matter what that outfit is. It’s YOUR outfit. Only you can say what makes you feel strong. 

Battle is saying no. And setting boundaries.

Battle is coming out.

Battle is a declaration of who you are and how you want to live.

Battle is anything that requires you to be brave, in order to do something scary, in order to survive. 

This song is about channeling that power and going forward.”

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