Hi Frisco – Snowfall

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Vi tar oss än en gång till Storbritannien. Det är där vi nu kan uppleva duon Hi Frisco, som släpper debutsingeln Snowfall. En skön indie-elektrolåt som för tankarna till MGMT och Flaming Lips. Duon, som består av Henry Eastham och Felix Rashman berättar detta om debuten:

Snowfall was the first song that we ever started working on together, so it’s fitting that it’s the first thing that we put out. It almost became the testing ground for what Hi Frisco would sound like and what we have become as a band.

The song came from being in a state of flux and the end of an era, struggling to make sense of what I wanted to do next. Lyrically, it reflects where I was at the time, feeling lost, but hopeful. We gradually found a sense of direction through experimentation.

When we started the track, it started off much more stripped back and straightforward than it is now. We used live drums and bass, which then morphed into this weird Childish Gambino style bass and crunchy drum loop that you hear today.”

Så se vad Hi Frisco kokat ihop, var bandnamn är tagen från en hälsningsfras i romanen Atlas Shrugged.

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