Lo Lo – Convenient

Lo Lo är en artist från Toronto i Kanada. 
Hon debuterade med singeln Yours tidigare i somras som fick fin-fin spridning på de olika streamingplattormarna. 
Nu är det dags för sångerskan att följa upp succén med singeln Convenient. En medryckande poplåt med skönt beat och som handlar om den där sommarflörten efter ett uppbrott som visar sig vara en skitstövel. 
Sångerskan berättar: 

“After my breakup I was feeling pretty low and looking for anything to make myself feel better. I had a lot of wild nights. I connected with someone that finally made me feel better. Not that I needed someone else to feel better, but let’s face it— being alone sometimes sucks. He was a great distraction and we had an awesome time together, but that’s all it was. I was still always thinking about my ex. After the summer when we went our separate ways, I found out one night that he was spreading some lies about me, and making it out to seem like I was so into him. *eye roll* I went home that night and wrote Convenient to make myself feel better. I hate when people make you out to be a certain way, when you’re not. I think that happens to a lot of us, and it sucks. I find music a great way to always make sure my side of the story is heard. This song helped me find myself again. It was never about him— he was just convenient at the time.”

Lo Lo

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