Banners for Patreons

From today, Patreons have access to banners in the blog.
I like to support those who support me, and banners are an added value to those who regularly choose to support the blog as a Patreon.

However, I feel that some form of minimum requirement is needed to gain access to banners in the blog. So with that, I have crated two levels to qualify to use banners in the blog:

✔️Supports as a Patreon in a level between SEK 215 to SEK 399 a month. Then you have the opportunity to have one banner in the blog for a maximum of 10 days during the current month. (Patreon level 6 or 9 songs a month)

✔️Support as a Patreon for SEK 400 or more each month. Then you have the opportunity to get two different banners a month for a maximum of 10 days each during the current month. (Patreon level 12 or 20 songs a month)

Those who have been Patreons for over a year will sometimes be offered a blog banner in time of a new release. In this way, even those who do not need a higher Patreon membership can get the opportunity for a banner in the blog. But it’s not guaranteed at every release and month, as for those with the higher levels.

Banners are placed randomly in the beginning and in the end of each post and are 1600 x 550. The banner material submitted must be adapted to that size.
Link from banner goes to music platform, collection page for music, music video, social media or page for live event. The blog only display banners that have some sort of connection to the blog, such as music / entertainment, artist page or event. In other words, banners for casinos, politics, alcohol, credit institutions are not allowed. After all, this is a music blog.
Banners are active for 10 days by default. If you want a shorter time, just contact me. You can only have the same banner for one month. If you do not have a new banner, it is better to just pause the banner that month.

Being a Patreon means supporting the blog’s work to write about new music and going through all the music submissions.
It is only music submitted by Patreons that we guarantee to listen to and give feedback on. It is artists who are Patreons or the artists who are promoted by Patreons (PR och record company) we prioritise for interviews.

You can become a Patreon here.


Skicka musik till Popmuzik

Vi fokuserar på de musikinskick och förfrågningar som kommer från våra Patreons. Som Patreon stöttar du bloggen samtidigt som du också kan tipsa om nya låtar och artister att uppmärksamma.
Du kan läsa mer om upplägget med Patreon här.

Det är bloggens Patreons som gör det möjligt för oss att fortsätta lyfta fram bra musik av spännande artister.

Tack för att du är Patreon.

Send music to Popmuzik

We focus on all the music submissions and enquiries from our Patrons. As a Patron, you help support the blog while you also can submit new songs and artists to discover.
You can read more about the blog's Patreon here.

It is the blog's Patrons that makes it possible for the blog to continue to write about great songs and exciting artists.

Thank you for being a Patron.