Prince Woods + Hunjiya – Back to myself

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Prince Woods är en duo från Los Angeles som består av Josh McDaniel och Alex Zahrai. Tillsammans har de släppt musik sedan 2018 och de debuterade med EP:n Discovery. På senaste singeln Back to myself har de än en gång bjudit in Hunjiya att sjunga. Resultatet är en emotionell och upplyftande danslåt som ger en positiv och skön känsla.

Bandet berättar mer om låten för bloggen:

“From writing ability to vocal performance, I always love working with Alice (aka Hunjiya). We’ve been friends since university and the first song I ever released under the Prince Woods name a couple years back featured her vocals as well. So it was really nice to reconnect with her and work on something together again. She was visiting LA for a couple days this past March so we got together for a session and wrote this one right away. The guitar you hear at the beginning is an idea I had in my head for a little while and we both thought it would be perfect for her. We wanted to write something that grounded you in the moment, that makes you pause for a minute and enjoy the nostalgia. I think everyone can relate with any number of lyrics in this song. This song is about getting back to yourself, but still admitting you’re vulnerable. I think everyone’s made mistakes in their personal life that’s led them to drift away from their true self.”

Du hittar alltid de bästa låtarna i spellistan Alexed’s A-List hos Spotify och Apple Music. Följ gärna spellistan så du regelbundet upptäcker ny musik.

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