Saint Barae – Power + control

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Saint Barae är en sångare från Gold Coast i Australien som tidigare i våras släppte singeln Boy from Mars. Nu är han aktuell med den souliga och falsett-sjungna singeln Power + control. På låten sjunger sångaren om sitt val att vara öppen med sin sexualitet, vilket han gör till en läcker elektronisk produktion med drömmande synthar och 808-trummor.

Om låten berättar Saint Barae.

“I made this song at a crossroads in my life where I had to choose between continuing to hide my sexuality from my family or take control of my own choices and choose what was best for my personal happiness. As someone from a very conservative and religious background, ‘Power’ uses a lot of religious symbolism as metaphors for the experience of being a young queer person struggling with their faith. The lyrics explore how important intimacy is to all of us, whether that be a spiritual kind or a physical experience with another person. I think that the message of the song overall is that faith and sexuality don’t have to be mutually exclusive things. It’s about saying, “fuck it” to the ultimatum and carving out your own path as you see fit.

I wanted this track to be a victory lap of the eighties – pop’s greatest decade, borrowing inspiration from funk and disco greats like Daft Punk and Michael Jackson. More is more was the motto, as I wanted to hold nothing back in terms of production for this one layering sparkling 80’s Juno synths, flying falsetto hooks and all the pulsing bass grooves your heart could desire.”

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