T. Thomason – Birdsong

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I somras kunde du höra singeln Pleasure med T. Thomason här i bloggen. Nu är sångaren tillbaka med den personliga singeln Birdsong. Videon representerar hur Thomason förändrats, både som person och musiker.

På det hela känns Birdsong som en stark och peppande låt om att hitta personen man kanske inte fysiskt föddes till, men den man faktiskt är.

Om låten berättar Thomason:

“This was the first track that my producer Dave Henriques and I started working on, way back in 2016. So much has changed since then, and yet the sentiment of Birdsong remains relevant in my life today; embracing change and the unknown is the only way to freedom. The video was shot on an early August weekend with some of my favourite people in this industry. We had a blast – it really felt more like summer camp than a working weekend. I think Britt Farhat and Kat Kwan captured the journey of this song to a T (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little). If I could tell the version of myself who wrote this song that this is where it – where we – would end up, I don’t think I would have believed me. And that’s the point. Here we are, despite fear and hatred and misinformation. Look at the sun, look at the sky, look in the mirror. Say thank you. That’s what Birdsong is about.”

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