Adrian Chalifour – The Collapse

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Adrian Chalifour är en musiker från Kanada. Han är här aktuell med den medryckande och radiovänliga singeln The Collapse som följer upp debuten Open heart.
The Collapse är en låt om saknad som byggs upp av snyggt svällande gitarrkomp som nästan ger en arenadoftande känsla i produktionen. Det är ju alltid trevligt tycker jag.

Sångaren berättar om låten:

The Collapse is a song about loss and the helplessness that precedes it. That might mean a lot of different things to different people, and even means different things to me depending when and in what context I listen to it. But I can tell you when I first wrote it, it was about the loss of life. My community has lost a lot of good men this past year. Men I grew up with. Men my age: fathers, husbands and business owners with lives and legacies; men we didn’t expect to lose. I thought about what those last moments must have been like, when you realize there’s no coming back. I thought about what their last words might have been – what my last words might be – were there a chance to share them. This song helps me remember who they were and what they left behind.”

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