Ili – A little bit

Bakom artistnamnet Ili hittar vi den brittiska sångerskan Emily Middlemas som bland annat kunnat höras i X Factor 2016. Här debuterar hon under sitt nya artistnamn med den hittiga singeln A litte bit. En rytmisk poplåt med bra melodi och lagom mycket attityd i känslan. Så det känns ju helt klart som sångerskan lyckats bra här.

“I wrote A litte bit all about growing up with your first crush. When you first discover those feelings for somebody, it’s really clumsy and you never know what to do at the start. You constantly try to play it cool when they are around but it never works out how you imagine it in your head. Growing up, I never actually had a lot of crushes, only 2 or 3 throughout all of high school, that even including celebrity crushes. So, it was a pretty unique feeling and a big deal for me when it came around! I think the chorus just explains everything in a nutshell, I would try to play hard to get and say ‘I love ya, but just a little bit’ and give it all away a few seconds after; ‘okay, I love ya a little bit more everyday.”


Singeln är tagen från kommande EP:n Changes.

Du hittar alltid de bästa låtarna i spellistan Alexed’s A-List hos Spotify och Apple Music. Följ gärna spellistan så du regelbundet upptäcker ny musik.

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