Benji Lewis – Fast forward

Benji Lewis är en sångare från Melbourne i Australien, men som numera är lokaliserad i Los Angeles. Under 2019 har sångaren släppt singlarna Is it love och Away, som båda streamats flitigt på musikplattformar. Nu är det dags med den softa R&B-poplåten Fast forward, där Benji får visa upp sin lena falsettsång. Låten är producerad av Kid Froopy som även producerat Benjis kommande EP Here, Then And Now.

Om arbetet med singeln berättar sångaren:

“We started Fast forward towards the end of 2018 and finished it off in early 2019. We got to talking before that first session and he said something to me about looking more inward, in regard to himself and his life. Almost instantly the opposite play on words “Inwards, Outwards” came to me, and then the rest of the song came to me quite easily and effortlessly.

This song is about getting out of a certain state of mind. Not wanting to think about or look at a current situation, relationship or particular person right now. We are never really stuck, and my subconscious was telling me this while I wrote the song. I was feeling like some much-needed alone time and craving change. I was listening to a lot of H.E.R. and Sabrina Claudio at the time. I’ve always loved rnb music and that’s just what we ended up creating with this one. It feels sexy, natural and honest to me.

After creating this song with Kid Fropopy, I knew that I wanted to create my next body of work with him as well.”

Låten har även fått en video som du kan kolla in här nedan som regisserats av Chris Weigen.

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