Sonia Stein – London used to feel so cool

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Den brittiska sångerskan Sonia Stein släpper här singeln med den lite besvikna titeln London used to feel so cool. Bra pop med stark melodi, som just britterna är så bra på.
Om själva låten berättar sångerskan:

London used to feel so cool is essentially, …a love song about being swept away. About pretending I’m making a decision to be invested when in fact it was completely out of my control. At the time I was still fairly new to London and everything felt exciting and fun, but in this context I felt like it had lost its magic or at least the magic has been overshadowed by the excitement of this new relationship. I filmed the single video over two weeks using my phone everywhere I went. It’s basically a personal video diary of my life in London. Since the song feels so personal to me-a collection of moments and memories, I wanted the video to feel the same.”

Sångerskan har precis turnerat tillsammans med Dido i Europa och kommer snart även spela i hemstaden London med nya singelns samt EP:n Eat Your Words som släpptes tidigare i år.
Så är du i London får du kolla in henne helt klart.

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