The Chemical Brothers – Got to keep on

Den 12:e April släpper The Chemical Brothers albumet No Geography. Med sitt omslag och titel känns det som en lite mer politiskt album denna gång.
Från albumet är låten Got to keep on taget och låten har här fått en video av Michel och Olivier Gondry. Så dags att än en gång dansa loss till de kemiska bröderna.
En presentation av albumet lyder:

“At some point during the recording of No Geography, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons pushed the reset button. It began with the construction of a studio within a studio – a tiny makeshift room that housed the kind of kit they’d previously used to record the bulk of their first two albums; equipment that had sat gathering (freestyle) dust in Tom’s attic for the last twenty years. That experimental space offered a freedom and the chance to create music and tell their own story in a way they hadn’t done for years.

Wherever possible, things were done differently. Randomness and jagged edges were encouraged and songs were built around vocal samples; voices were wound tightly into music that Tom and Ed found themselves following wherever it led them. Snatches of dialogue from the late ’60s experimental Dial-A-Poem project were chosen that reflected the mood in the studio. Songs were road tested in front of audiences as part of the 2018 live set (which took in two shows at Alexandra Palace – the band’s biggest UK headline shows to date) and honed in regular DJ sets the world over.”

Du hittar alltid de bästa och roligaste klubblåtarna i spellistan Dance. Följ gärna spellistan så du regelbundet upptäcker ny musik.

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