DL Is OK – Wasting my time

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Vi tar oss till staten Florida i USA.
Där hittar vi DL Tashjian, eller DL Is OK som han kallar sig för som artist. Nu är han aktuell med singeln Wasting my time som lyfter frågan “vad hände med rock’n’roll”? Allt producerat upp till en 80-talsdoftande poplåt och en refräng som är att dö för. (Jo, den är riktigt skön, jag lovar).
Om låten berättar DL:

Wasting my time is about feeling confident in pursuing your dreams and your own personal vision. It came about from someone telling me I was wasting my time trying to be a musician… And my response was and will always be: well, I’ll just keep on wasting my time until my time is no longer a waste (and a middle finger to follow). Everyone spends a large portion of their life daydreaming exaggerated scenarios… I think as tried as it sounds and as unrealistic the notion is, the best way to make your dreams come true is just to keep dreaming. So it’s a song about that, or if you want it to be a song about a desired relationship status, it can be about that too. But every song is about that.”

Vad Tyckte Du?

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