MorN – Heartbeat (feat. Gillian Marino)

Ja men då var det dags för lite upplyftande EDM här i bloggen. Det kan man ju aldrig få för mycket av känner jag.

Det är den amerikanska producenten MorN från Florida, eller Daniel Paskert som han egentligen heter, som här släpper singeln Heartbeat.
Singeln framförs av sångerskan Gillian Marino och mixar den poppiga versen med den tyngre och dansanta droppet.

Om singeln berättar producenten.

This track is meant to be introspective and focused around finding who you are. There have been many revisions to the lyrics, because Gillian and I did not know how to convey the message that I wanted to give to y’all through this track, but I feel these lyrics are meaningful and relatable to things that everyone goes through in their own mind.

People changing like the wind to make themselves feel better or “sound”. Feeling like you are not as good or talented as all of the people surrounding you only to be redeemed by the fact that the good things you do define you and make you who you are. We will always grow as people and come out of the other side in a better place, but in the meantime, finding solace, understanding of your situation, and not blaming yourself is important to survive and grow as people.

Låten är tagen från MorNs kommande album World In Color.

Vad tyckte du?

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