Blasko – Japanese Hotel

Staden Melbourne bjuder än en gång på skön alternativ R&B. Denna gång är det Blasko som släpper singeln Japanese Hotel. Låten är första nedslaget från musikerns kommande mixtape Blasko In Love, Pt. 2
Låten inspirerades av en dröm Blasko hade. 

Japanese Hotel was written about a dream I had.. I never remember dreams, but I remember waking up after this one, saying… Woah…I need to write a song about this. I was in a dark club slouched over a very comfortable chair all by myself, then all of a sudden I heard random snake like whispers and next thing I know, I am standing upright staring into a blank wall.. it was so dark, but I could still see the wall perfectly in this off white colour, the wall then began evaporating and turning into a swirling type smoke that kept showing the face of an unknown woman. I just remember being cemented to the ground and yelling “Where am I??” and just hearing my voice echo through the room, the smoke then began swirling around my legs, my lower back then as it was nearing closer to my head, just over my right shoulder that smoky face appeared and said, “Welcome to the Japanese Hotel” and then I woke up.
The next day I had a session with Julian Steel who I told about the dream, he asked me what vibe I wanted for it. I said it needs to be mystic with a dark vibe but with a nice bounce. We started to mess with some eerie sounds and tried to create something that felt Japanese. We finished the track and it was as if my dream had been translated to a song within a few hours.”

Du hör resultatet här. 

Blasko Japanese

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