Speak, Brother – Meet me in the chaos

Dags för brittisk indie-folk med bandet Speak, Brother som här släpper singeln Meet me in the chaos. Bandet utgick från titeln när de skulle skapa låten och som underlag hade de berättelser, poesi och målningar från fans som hjälp till att skapa något utifrån just frasen. 
Efter tre dagar i studion hade de skapat låten med hjälp av underlagen de fått. 

One of the overriding feelings we got from reading people’s stories was our shared suffering and how much we all deal with beneath the surface of our every days lives.
Even the simple act of honestly sharing a part of our story helps us all meet with each other where we are now and helps us realise how connected we all are. Because of this, we wanted the song to focus on the present moment. The meeting with the other where order slowly forms from chaos. Rather than dwelling in the past or hoping the future to somehow be different or better. It was the most challenging, inspiring and exciting writing experience the band have had to date.

Du hör resultatet här. 

Speak, Brother

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