Dylan Emmet & Constance – Memory

Dags att ta oss till USA än en gång. Där hittar vi producenten och sångaren Dylan Emmet som tillsammans med sångerskan Constance från bandet Neonheart släpper singeln Memory. En fin liten poplåt om tankarna kring en separation, något som jag antar de flesta kan relatera till. 
Om själva låten berättar Dylan: 

Constance and I met at her show while I was in LA for a writing trip. The day before I left, we spontaneously wrote together for the first time. It was immediately obvious that we had a special chemistry. When I got back to to New York, we decided to make it a real partnership and continue working together over video chat. Memory is the first of these collaborations we’re putting out in the world. Memory is about the inner dialogue we all go through during a breakup. We were sharing personal experiences we’ve each had during the end of a relationship. There’s these moments when it feels like the other person has immediately forgotten who you are. Often times we create this story in our head that our ex is fine and has moved on. The truth is, we really have no clue how the other person is feeling. With Memory, we wanted to capture the disconnect and how we forget to take the good memories with the heartbreak.

Du hör låten här nedan. 

Dylan Emmet

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