Micky Blue – Famous

Famous är senaste singeln med den New York och London-baserade sångerskan Micky Blue. Låten är skriven och producerad tillsammans med Andy Seltzer som tidigare bland annat jobbat med artister som Penguin Prison och Maggie Rogers. Helt klart i goda händer, med andra ord.

Här får vi en 80-talsdoftande poplåt som helt klart bjuder upp till dans. Den ger i alla fall mig lite tidiga Kylie-vibbar, och det är ju en bra vibbar. 

Om låten berättar Micky Blue:

Famous is the first song I wrote post-breakup of a 3-year-long relationship. I realized that this person who I thought loved me as much as I loved him was really only in love with the idea of me. People have this idea that being an artist, or dating an artist, is glamorous but in reality it’s more hard work and rejection than VIP parties and expensive champagne.

Writing this song helped me process my break-up and celebrate the strength of the real me, not just the glamorous self we all project to the world. I hope this song empowers others to seek and find their own incredible self-worth.

Micky Blue

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