Ainslie – Grow

Ainslie är artistnamnet för Vicky Warwick, som oftast kallas in av andra artister för att spela bas. Bland annat har Charli XCX använt hennes talang på turné. 

Nu är det dock dags att släppa solodebuten Grow. En rytmisk och medryckande poplåt om att klättra på den sociala stegen. 
Sångerskan berättar: 

“I found myself walking in this beautiful neighbourhood being curious about the stories behind each person or family inside each house. Wondering if they are as happy as I imagined they were. What seemed like a perfect world, might be not what it cracked up to be, and I considered if it was what I would want for myself anyway. Society has taught us it’s something we should strive for, so part of me was longing to live that life behind one of the perfect front doors, but part of me also felt a disconnect; it was far from what I truly want in life.”


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