Rory J Brown X Scarlett Fae – Scent (Video)

Vi tar oss än en gång till Storbritannien.
Där har producenten Rory J Brown och sångerskan Scarlett Fae precis släppt den läckra R&B-singeln Scent. Fick lite tidiga Massive Attack-vibbar av produktionen och det är ju aldrig fel.

Rory berättar:

“Myself and Scarlett at Gay pride a year ago, at the time I was looking for vocalists and she was looking for producers. We swapped some material and it just clicked, our styles complimented each other and our tastesmusically and visually just clicked! We see our music as music to chill to, it’s sultry, sensitive RnB inspired by the erupting London scene. We want our material to be seen as an all inclusive package of music, fashion and visuals. We both have a historyin fashion as well as music and believe they really work in conjunction with each other. We’re only just getting started and we’re going to push standards musically and visually with each coming release!”

Om att skriva tillsammans:

“Our writing process is really natural, we’re the biggest fans of each other and love the same music so it flows quite easily. The best music you write comes easy! I’ll sketch out a beat with some chords and a beat and then together we’ll fine tune the structure and so that it flows nicely then we record the vocal top line and then together we’ll work out what harmonies would work.”

Här kan du se låtens läckra video:

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