Jedidiah – Crowd (Video)

Crowd är debutsingeln med den Nashville-baserade alt popartisten Jedidiah. Låten är snyggt avskalad och med en soft falsettröst som etsar sig fast i ens medvetande. Lägg sedan till innovativ och läcker produktion som lyfter låten lite extra.

Sångaren berättar:

Crowd was completely unplanned. I wrote this single with my producer Fjordskii in East Nashville, and it was originally a folk track that we flipped and turned into what you’re hearing now. I’d never created music like this before… I’d never even sung in falsetto before, but everything just came together really naturally. The whole subject of the song is spontaneity, and that’s exactly how this single came about. Sometimes you work away on a track for weeks or months, but this entire cut was completed, start to finish, in about seven hours. Crowd is the result of what happens when you just let go and let things happen freely, and I hope you can hear the passion behind that.”

Kolla in den snygga videon som precis släpptes, och som passar perfekt till känslan i låten.

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