Premiär: New Arcades – Irreparable

Premiär i Being Blogged NY
Duon New Arcades från London har bjudit oss på en hel del underbara 80-tals doftande poplåtar. Nu är det dags för en premiär här i bloggen av nya singeln Irreparable som är ett samarbete med sångerskan Nina. Resultatet är en drömliknande och filmisk poplåt som får oss att känna vinden svepa igenom håret när vi åker utmed Venice Beach i vår Beach Buggy.
Mycket passade en vecka när nya säsongen av Stranger Things precis haft premiär.

Bandet berättar:

“We decided our style of music would really suit Nina’s vocals and so we began writing the song. At first we were going to feature our vocals more, but it became evident that Nina’s was the real focal point of the track, so we focussed on music and really opened up for a unique spin on melodies and parts with Nina and Laura (her producer and co writer at Aztec records) having full reign on the track.

The song itself is about the break down of a relationship and it therefore being Irreparable. I guess the song flows like a story painting the picture of a relationship that’s become so bad, yet no party can consider why its gone so bad! Just the acceptance that they are unfulfilled and broken and putting the blame on each other, yet there’s that element of hope “my heart is still wide open”.

We hope you enjoy the upbeat yet, nostalgic/melancholic vibe to the track, its been an absolute pleasure working with Nina. Everyone involved has been super professional and we are so excited to get the song out!!”

New Arcades

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