LE∆DR – Waves (Video)

LE∆DR är en artist från Los Angeles som här debuterar med singeln Waves.
Sångaren bjuder på silkeslen soulig röst och snygg minimalistisk elektronisk produktion. Att LE∆DR även har snygg stil när det kommer till kläddesign gör ju inte saken sämre när vi här ser videon.

“I collaborated with James Dii, Los Angeles Fashion Designer, to allow him to create and bring to life my vision through his designs. The whole aesthetic of my video was all white, pure and minimal. The all white wardrobe absorbs the hues from the prismatic lights in the video. We wanted to create some movement with the clothes that was inspired by the song, like my lyric ‘Let it flow through you.’ Feathers are symbolic to the video, in that they are sensitive to the wind and the clothes flow like a feather.”


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