Cousin – Spare

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Med Spare följer det danska indiepopbandet Cousin upp debuten Heart dreams som de släppte i Februari. Låten bjuder på mörk produktion, som ändå har lite av arena-pop över sig skulle jag säga när den byggs upp, vilket jag gillade. På singeln sjunger bandet om hur sociala medier förändrar våra liv.

Sångaren Mikkel Werling berättar:

“Everything you have ever posted on social media is recorded. Our generation is the first generation to have all of their faults backed up on servers. Unfortunately, it is not only your friends and family that can laugh at your mistakes. In principle, the information is available to everyone – a future employer or a future partner.”

Spare is a reflection on this topic. When you travel back in time, by scrolling through your wall on Facebook, I think many will nod in agreement with the notion that you don’t even remember posting any of the stupid things you have written or done at that time. Even when you have grown older and hopefully wiser, the internet never forgets. Spare is a question concerning responsibility in this situation. Should we apologize for not knowing any better when we were younger? Should we be held accountable for something we don’t even remember doing? Can we be forgiven for what we have said?”

Cousin kommer släppa EP:n Your Models Are To Blame For Your Love i början av April.

Du hittar alltid de bästa låtarna i spellistan Alexed’s Favourites hos Spotify och Apple Music. Följ gärna spellistan så du regelbundet upptäcker ny musik.

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