SVVIM – What have you done to me?

SVVIM är en musiker från staden Exeter i Storbritannien. Han debuterade i fjol med singeln See the light och nu är det dag för SVVIM att släppa EP:n One Short Romance. Från den kan du här lyssna på låten What have you done to me? En låt om att förlora sitt självförtroende i ett förhållande för att den du varit tillsammans med brutit ner den helt. Allt till en snyggt uppmålat arrangemang som bjuder på både puls och stark melodi.

Om What have you done to me? berättar SVVIM.

“This was the 6th version I recorded of this song, its one of the crowds favourites live and has also been a very personal and important one for me so getting it right was exactly what I needed, 3 different studios and 4 different producers later it was complete, I recorded with multi-platinum producer Jack Gourlay and this was the 3rd version with him. I wanted it to come across commercial enough but still keeping the dreamy pulsating feel of my very first home demo, the main chorus is always so catchy for listeners and I wanted it to feel catchy and danceable without making it sound too much like Chart Pop but with the potential for it to still sit well with listeners who do listen to chart Pop. Its always one of my favourites live as it shows off my one man band show really well. Its a song about losing all of your self confidence and not realising it until you have a break up with someone who had really held you back and also just taken you very far from the person you actually are.”

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