Courtney Paige Nelson – Sorry I’m not perfect

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Courtney Paige Nelson är en sångerska från San Francisco i Kalifornien. Hon följer här upp debutsingeln Hurt från 2018 med Sorry I’m not perfect, som är en behaglig och skönt melodisk poplåt där sångerskan sjunger om hur en relation tagit slut.

I musikvideon kan vi se sångerskan spela mot en barbröstad hunk, så lite ögongodis får vi allt. Courtney berättar om videon:

For this video, I wanted to visually show how this whole process went for me. The song itself is about my piece. My side of the story in the breakup. So with the video I wanted to let people into my head, taking the viewer and putting them smack dab in the middle of what my reality was like.

The video starts out with you taking a trip into my world through the static TV experiencing each line in the song with me. In the video, I’m a dark demon and my ex is a perfect Ken doll because that’s how he painted us to be. I was the broken one. The dark one who needed help, and he was to himself and everyone else.. perfect. So this is me telling him everything that I wanted to say to him. The reason he is tied up and blindfolded is because it represents the metaphor of him being forced to hear my side and own up to my feelings on the situation. Not allowing him to run away from the truth of what happened. This video is so personal to me and I thought of every detail in it carefully.. from the upside down crucifix in the back, to the bloody heart I drop in front of him. It’s all a message and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Låten är tagen från sångerskan kommande EP som släpps senare i år.

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