Saint Nomad + Fleurie – Only thing

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Saint Nomad är en trio bröder som ursprungligen kommer från Ryssland, men som numera bor i staden Denver i USA. På singeln Only thing samarbetar bröderna med singer-songwritern Fleurie. Resultatet är en medryckande poplåt med drömliknande sång, som känns väldigt behaglig att lyssna på.

Sångaren Nikita Ordnoralov i trion berättar:

Only thing was written on an international flight to Europe. We were playing our last show before taking a break from touring. I remember feeling this overwhelming uncertainty. I was not sure what was going to happen once we returned to the US. Not only was the band taking a break from touring, my wife and I were talking about moving states, selling our house and changing our lifestyle completely. In such uncertainty I realised our love for each other was solid and she was the only thing that made sense in my life. The song is pretty special because it just came together in my head. Once we landed I showed the guys the demo I put together while singing in the plane’s bathroom!” 

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